Email Privacy Tester

Privacy Policy

This app requires your email address in order to work. Once you submit it, it is kept in a database for one week before being deleted. This is so I can apply rate limiting and react to abuse. The email address will also appear in my mail server logs, which go back as far as ten days. I will not share your email address with anyone, ever. I will never send any email to it other than the email that this application is designed to send out when you submit it. The email that I do send to you contains an opt-out link. If you click it, I will store your email address in the database for the lifetime of this system and this app will be prevented from contacting it again.

I also store test results for a period of one week before deletion. If I didn't store the results, I could not display them to you. This may consist of any of the following data:

  1. The dates and times that you opened the email that I sent you
  2. The IP addresses that your email clients connect from
  3. The IP addresses of the DNS servers your email clients use
  4. The User-Agent HTTP request headers sent by your email clients
  5. The X-Forwarded-For HTTP request headers added by your web proxies
  6. The names of the tests which your email clients failed

I also have standard Apache-style web server logs, for administering the site, analysing trends and combatting abuse.

This site does not perform any automated cross-origin requests to third parties which you may not trust. This site doesn't use cookies, of any type. I respect your right to privacy and try to be as open as possible about how I use your data. If you have any questions, please contact me.

The full source code for this application is available at